Youtube Course of Theoretical Physics

This page is a work in progress to benefit anyone who wants to study physics. It is now possible to learn it all on Youtube. You don’t have to spend $100k to go to a university. I have some links to books that I recommend that I think are good and am familiar with. I make a small commission if you buy through clicking on the images. This money helps support the hosting of the site and my time to organize all these lectures.

Please contact me if you have feedback. I don’t have enough time to watch everything on YouTube. Let me know if any of the video series should be removed, is at an inappropriate level, or if you have found a higher quality series to take its place. Also if you have a suggestion for a course along with some video series that is relevant, I can consider adding them too. I haven’t watched all this stuff yet, and I am in the process of going through it, especially quantum field theory. Let me know what you think about this with your suggestions.

Youtube Course of Theoretical Physics

 Freshman Fall

101M Calculus I

101P Classical Mechanics I

103P Modern Physics I

Recommended books for starting physics freshman fall (Click images to go to Amazon)


Freshman Spring

102M Calculus II

102P Electromagnetism I

104P Modern Physics II

Recommended books for freshman spring (Click images to go to Amazon)

Sophomore Fall

201M Calculus III

201P Classical Mechanics II

203P Special Relativity

205P Physics of Vibrations and Waves

Recommended books for physics sophomore fall(Click images to go to Amazon)

Sophmore Spring

202M Linear Algebra

204M Probability and Statistics

202P Electromagnetism II

204P Quantum Mechanics I

206P Optics

  • Aditya Bhakta, Danny Codd, 29 Full-Length Videos, Optics

Recommended books sophomore spring (Click image to go to Amazon)


Junior Fall

301M Differential Equations

303M Complex Variables

301P Analytical Mechanics

303P Electrodynamics I

305P Quantum Mechanics II

Recommended Books for Junior Fall ( Click images to go to Amazon)

Junior Spring

302M Fourier Analysis

302P Thermal Physics

304P Electrodynamics II

306P Nuclear Physics

308P Solid State Physics

Recommended books for junior spring (Click images to go to Amazon)


Senior Fall

401M Partial Differential Equations

401P Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics I

403P Particle Physics

405P Astrophysics

Recommended Books for Senior Fall (Click images to go to Amazon)


Senior Spring

402M – Mathematical Methods of Physics I

402P Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics II

406P Polymer Physics

408P Computational Physics

410P Fluid Mechanics

Recommended Books (Click on image to see on Amazon)

Graduate I Fall & Spring

501P, 502P Advanced Classical Mechanics

503P, 504P  Advanced Electrodynamics

505P, 506P Advanced Quantum Mechanics

507P, 508P – Advanced Statistical Mechanics I&II

509P Condensed Matter Physics

510P Classical Field Theory

Recommended Books Graduate I (Click image to go to Amazon)

Graduate II Fall & Spring

601P  General Relativity

602P Cosmology

  • Leonard Susskind, 9 Full-Length Videos. Cosmology

603P 604P Quantum Field Theory

605P Group Theory for Physicists

Recommended Books (Click on image to see on Amazon)

701P Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics



All Susskind videos 136 videos