I am working on two main projects at the moment.

One project is “The Physics Lifesaver Study Guide.” My idea for this guide is to have 50 units covering Freshman and Modern Physics. There is a large overlap with what you need to pass the physics GRE subject test.  Each unit will contain a summary of the main material for the unit and how to approach and solve example problems. There will be an exercises section for each unit consisting of 5 basic problems, 5 easy, 5 intermediate, 5 hard, and 5 challenge problems. These problems will be solved on the YouTube channel in separate videos for each level. This will allow the book to address people at different levels. I will list the problems in the book so people have a chance to attempt them rather than just look at the answers. After you have tried then go ahead and check out the YouTube Videos. I will be posting the material of the book on my website and then take it down after I publish the book. My first task is to come up with the problems and solutions. 50 units of 25 problems each equals 1250 problems plus the example problems. I could probably do about one unit per day if I work on it seriously.

The second project is to learn quantum field theory and write a book about it. I want to call it “Quantum Field Theory From the Ground Up.” It basically will take you from freshman physics and math all the way to understanding quantum field theory for particle physics and condensed matter physics. Quantum field theory is by far the hardest physics subject. You have to study many years of physics and math even before you can attempt to understand it. I don’t think anyone has ever attempted a book like this. It will probably contain several volumes containing a thousand pages or more. You can follow along in my blog to learn along with me as I go through.

I finished my book on error analysis edition 1.1. Check it out on Amazon.